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Sasu Laukkonen LTD series

left - Waltteri Ryjenko, right - Wilko Verboom
left - Waltteri Ryjenko, right - Wilko Verboom
Sasu Laukkonen holding the first ever Sasu Laukkonen LTD Gyuto
makersmark on the Sasu Laukkonen LTD Gyuto

The Sasu Laukkonen Limited Edition Series

The birth of the LTD Gyuto

A few years ago, through Instagram, Waltteri Ryjenko (one of the best culinary knifemakers of Finland) and I became friends. We exchanged experiences in knifemaking and got to know each other. It was great to ‘spar’ back and forward and Waltteri pushed me more and more to expand my boundaries and we where able to give each other brutally honest feedback, on the smallest details that many of my customers probably would not even notice.
Waltteri did not have so much forging experience back then, so I gave him an open invite to come and visit me. He took me up on that offer and came over to the Netherlands. Together we forged blades and the idea came up to do a collaboration of an unique chef’s knife together.

Through Waltteri I got to know Sasu Laukkonen. He was the Michelin chef and owner of restaurant ORA in Helsinki. Besides being a wonderful person and a great chef, Sasu also knows a lot about kitchen knives. He also owns a sharpening service business, so he does a lot with knives outside the kitchen to. Waltteri and I decided to team up with Sasu and see what two culinary knife makers and a Michelin chef could come up with.
The ’Sasu Laukkonen LTD Gyuto’ was born.


The LTD Gyuto is designed to be a real workhorse.

It has a distal taper all the way to the tip, the knife is fully convex and the angle of the primary bevel is more steep and beefier at the heel of the blade and alternates throughout the blade towards the tip. So the back side of the knife (closer to the heel) is really nice to cut your root vegetables with (for example). There is a transition section at 2/3rd of the blade and the front of the blade to the tip is really fine, so you can accurately make really fine cuts, do the scarring of meat, cut your onions etc. etc. 

By giving the blade more functions within one blade, a chef needs to switch less in between knives which saves the chef valuable time in the kitchen.  The blade of the Gyuto has a cutting length of 210 mm. The handle has many facets which improves the grip and handling of the knife, but still feels verry comfortable to hold. The handles are made out of stabilised wood (Karelian Birch for example) and also have a faux Ivory ferrule. The front of the handle tapers towards the choil to accommodate the pinch grip when cutting. The heel and coil are nicely facetted, so there are no sharp edges and the blade feels verry comfortable in any grip one chooses to cut with.

Sasu say’s:
“My LTD Guyto is my favorite all-rounder knife , I use the end of the
blade for chopping veg, the center rocks nicely and the tip is the best
ever for thin cuts and slicing- it is so thin and sharp!”

The Gyuto has the touchmark of both Waltteri Ryjenko and Grateful Knives on the blade.

The birth of the LTD bread knife & LTD Petty is coming soon!