Custom knives

Finest materials make the highest quality resulting in the greatest value.

My Story

All knives are handmade with great passion and love for craftmanship.
My goal is not to make perfect knives, but to make a
custom knife perfect for you!


Kitchen Knives

Great quality knives for chef’s with passion!

We work with the best materials to make sure you get the best quality possible.

Grateful knives neck knife ebony wood

Custom Knives

Would you like a knife specially
designed for your everyday needs?

Still in doubt? See what we’ve
made so far and get inspired.

News Articles

"A perfect knive doens't excist"

A local newspaper wrote a great article about my business. It is in dutch, for those whom want to read it. It fully captures my view about the knives making business.

"Lost wood, a new purpose"

We can do more than making knives. This articale wrote about our other skills like using laser tech to engrave wood.

The article is writing in dutch.

About Grateful Knives

I have a great passion;

Creating sharp usable tools and old fashion craftmanship.

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